About this Firm
& Our History

Afi Ventour & Co. is a law firm based in St. Georges, Grenada, West Indies. The firm was founded by Afi Ventour de Vega and was formed in 2010. The firm has grown over the years and continues to be committed to providing practical legal services to its clients.

The firm is known for representing clients with urgent matters and prides itself on striving to offer the best cost effective and result oriented solutions.

It boasts three experienced attorneys in varying areas of the law. The firm represents local international and regional clients.

Areas of legal expertise

Our areas of legal expertise are

Afi Ventour & Co. is also Counsel to large corporate bodies including Banks, Credit Unions and Statutory Bodies.

Clients include

Our main clients include the

  • Child Protection Authority of Grenada
  • The National Insurance Scheme
  • The Judicial manager of the Grenada Building & Loan Association
  • The Eastern Caribbean Copyright Organisation for Music Rights (ECCO)
  • Large net worth clients.

Our Values & Ethics

The firm strives to uphold the values, ethics and principles of legal profession in Grenada and in that regard considers its duty to its clients first.
We are firm on taking precise instructions from our clients and ensure that as far as possible we uphold the ethics and best practices of our profession.

The Firm’s vision is to be one of the premier and leading law firm in the region and to always provide sterling sound and efficient service to its clients.