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Real Estate & Property Law Practice


Land is one of the most valuable assets human beings can invest in! Over the last Fifteen (15) years, there has been a significant increase in real estate investment and development in Grenada. 

Our Team at Afi Ventour & Co. has represented and provided consultancy services to vendors, purchasers, lending institutions, real estate agencies and commercial developers in all types of real estate and construction transactions and agreements in the most cost effective and efficient way. Our area of expertise includes, but are not limited to:

  • Property sales and purchases in Grenada;
  • Drafting of Conveyancing Documents (Deeds of Gift, Deeds of Assent, Deeds of Sale, Trust Deeds, Deeds of Assignment, Deeds of Rectification and Reconveyances);
  • Applications for Aliens Land-Holding Licences on behalf of non-nationals or ‘aliens’ to an hold interest in real property in Grenada;
  • Property due diligence (Investigation of Title at the Deeds and Land Registry of Grenada);
  • Building and construction agreements;
  • Drafting Mortgages, Charges or Bills of Sale;
  • Drafting and Settling Leases and Licences including eviction proceedings;
  • Drafting Property Management Agreements;
  • Drafting Purchase & Sale Agreements;
  • Drafting and Reviewing Assignment of Grant of Easements;
  • Preparation of Security Documents;
  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney;
  • Applications for Orders of Possessory Title to Land;
  • Preparation of Applications for the partitioning of land;
  • Litigating land disputes;

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Margit Biebel-Potgieter

Former Honorary Consul for the Federal Republic of Germany Grenada, W.I.

“Her tenacity and drive is impressive and persistent. I whole heartedly recommend Afi Ventour & Co. to anyone in need of outstanding and first class legal services.”

Client Testimonials

We are a dynamic and result-oriented Law Firm in Grenada, offering experienced, boutique services to local, regional and international clients. We pride ourselves on combining a strong work ethic with the awareness of our clients’ needs to provide sound legal representation and efficient service.


Eva, Hong Kong

“Afi Ventour de Vega is one of the most efficient and responsible attorney we have worked with in Grenada. We consider ourselves fortunate to have her help us.”

Yurana E. Phillip

Family Law

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Getting in Touch

You can contact us at all times – if you have an urgent matter, we recommend you call us on the number on this page. We stand ready for you.


Getting in Touch

You can contact us at all times – if you have an urgent matter, we recommend you call us on the number on this page. We stand ready for you.